Reviews for "The Graveyard(o)_(o)"


this song is so dark and creepy. but really good beat. i like

Earthbound-boy responds:

i am happy that you liked it^^ thx for the review


This reminds me of when the protaginist starts shooting all the zombies brains out... Goood job lol, not what I am working for for my current project but this is in my favorites for when I can use it.

Earthbound-boy responds:

wooohooo! first thx for review and high rating. i feel lucky that finally one of my songs will be used!! what kind of project is that? maybe you can send a mail to me? hm? that would be cool man.

that was freaky

holy crap, when u hear this u feel like something bad is going to happen like the get said below maybe even death. AWESOME!

Earthbound-boy responds:

yo, thx man and for the high rating!

cool sounds

Hi I do a horror comic review and was wondering if I could use this for background music? Keep up the great beats

Earthbound-boy responds:

sry maybe a little late but go ahead. im not really on newgrounds anymore^^

This good add to madnessĀ“s zombieĀ“s movies.