Reviews for "The Graveyard(o)_(o)"

this is good!!!!!!!

reminds me of resident evil when u dont know whats going to happen and then zombie hordes come out. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!

Earthbound-boy responds:

oh yeah i always jump off on my seat. exactly like in metal gear solid. when they found you "!" (Wuluem!)

thank you very much for giving my such a high score.


This song is GREAT! I love it! Or is it I love it's eriey feeling... oh well, Its a great song. Great Job. Favorited, 10/10, 5/5

Earthbound-boy responds:

..thank you!^^ don´t know what to say, lol.


if you coud put it on ipod i WOOODDDDD DOOO IIIITTTTT

Earthbound-boy responds:

well download it, and do it XD i only said it isn´t that normal to have ambientic songs on a mp3-player, so go ahead!

i am happy you liked it...it seems^^


good in a scary flash movie


it sounds like a ending to a game