Reviews for "The Graveyard(o)_(o)"


The metallic sound you added make me feel like I'm in a futuristic graveyard, pheraps a robot graveyard. I like the intense creepy feeling of this song.

Just to Disobey, I'll put it in my MP3

Earthbound-boy responds:

Thanks for the review! A robot graveyard....Now i can imagine that too!^^
You are sure to put this on your mp3 player? XD

its awesome man

you rocks man you rocks

Earthbound-boy responds:


Sounded like we will rock you in part of it

I'm serious i could have sworn while listening i was gonna hear the words "We will rock you!" come out of no where.

Earthbound-boy responds:

that´s...creepy.^^ i am happy you liked it.

I like it! Very cool!

Very good theme, I love how it changes up near the end, very cool!

Earthbound-boy responds:

oh man thx^^


this song rocks !! It is dam good . Keep it

Earthbound-boy responds:

thank you very much!^^