Reviews for "The Graveyard(o)_(o)"


good in a scary flash movie


This song is sweet.

I'm making a Silent HIll style horror film and I'd LOVE to use this.

The film will not be distributed but I will be sending it to local/national film festivals.

So what do you think? Can I use it?

Can I use this?

hey dude...awesome song...mind if I use it for a game?

Earthbound-boy responds:

sure go ahead! thx for the high score!...dude^^

mm, nice

mind if i use this for "traitor"? its game about a zombie slaughtering hordes of demons, and humans, but eventually commits suicide, after killing his wife

Earthbound-boy responds:

...wow^^ ok sure go ahead! thx for high score!


if you coud put it on ipod i WOOODDDDD DOOO IIIITTTTT

Earthbound-boy responds:

well download it, and do it XD i only said it isn´t that normal to have ambientic songs on a mp3-player, so go ahead!

i am happy you liked it...it seems^^