Reviews for "The Graveyard(o)_(o)"

This good add to madnessĀ“s zombieĀ“s movies.

Sounds more like...

Hmm I dont know why but everytime I hear it I see mad machines and robots on their revolution

cool sounds

Hi I do a horror comic review and was wondering if I could use this for background music? Keep up the great beats

Earthbound-boy responds:

sry maybe a little late but go ahead. im not really on newgrounds anymore^^

I keep looking behind me... song for scary game

This music is freaky, its like some corpse behind you is waking up and when it gets to 00:12 the corpse is on its own two feet and is about to kill you and when it gets to 01:11 the corpse is about to lunge and bite you in the neck and then zombify you... DX


it sounds like a ending to a game