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Good job on this, but my only concern is the use of copyrighted music as it sorta goes against NG rules, sucks because it used to be allowed more, but this got frontpaged so I dunno. I just hope you don't get in trouble for it. Also, kudos for actually crediting the music, a lot of people don't do that on youtube and NG when they use music, unless it's music from Newgrounds.

Anyway, overall, not much to say here except this is awesome and you did great and keep going. Some shots look like professionally done anime, while also doing your own style. As a big fan of the RE series, you did a good job riffing on 4 lol.

Well, that joke got old quick. The animation was pretty good, character models were fun to look at but the joke wasn't really funny past the banshee scream. You have a very oldschool NG feel and I feel like I outgrew this ten years ago.

this easily could have been a wacky Saturday morning cartoon.

RE4 in a nutshell.

Who is that guy under the bed, at the end?