Reviews for "{Losing Touch}"


your songs are amazing , what do you use?? and keep up the good work!!!!

Another great one!

I can't believe this, it's all so great. The beats, the tempo, everything was superb! Why don't you reply to any of the reviews? It makes me sad.


I really liked this one. I'm a fan of your works.

This is amazing work!

Amazing sync, the song teases and elates feelings, It is put together very well.
Did you make the sounds bits yourself, or was there a major graft?
If so, where did it come from?

Another grrrrrreat song by CnB!

I REALLY love the beginning of this 1! if you made a whole song that sounded like that then that would be AWESOME! the rest is good 2! 5/5 but wheres Timebomb? you gave a preview of that and it still isn't out...don't mean 2 nag but that was a REALLY good preview, and it left me wanting MORE!