Reviews for "{Losing Touch}"


Actually didnt like this one better than so many of your other submissions, but saw the opportunity to announce that i now have 26 of your songs dl'ed to my computer :P nice one ;) (you are the only one on newgrounds i dl music from)

This is REALLY awesome too though, i just got to the good part :D 0:52 it starts to rock and 01:01 it blasts the last bit of doubt about this tune to oblivion!!!

u are the....

One that is going to rule newgrounds audio portal some day :)

I will try..

With my voting powers to make your songs more known! Keep it up!



Nice Track

Well i have actually listened to quite a few of your tracks for a while, and i just finally made an account here so you'll probably here a bunch of stuff from me =D

But over all i am quite the fan of happy hardcore and your style, so of course a mix of the two are gonna be amazing! My only gripe is that after a while it seemed to get a lil' repetitive.. other than that, great piece!