Reviews for "{Losing Touch}"


The melody reminds me of Lord of the Rings... just a little...

Anyway, like I said, you need to help me, all the stuff you use is like, godly... Obviousally you use FL... but I still use 6 because i like 6, hopefully you have 6 and not 7... I WANNA COLLABBBBBBBBBBBB


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Losing Touch - Review

I've some time ago downloaded this track from you. From the first moment I have heard it, it was great for me!
It is the greatest song every I downloaded on Newgrounds. I hope you will ever make a new version of this super song!


I hate when that happens but u handled it well! great track 10/10


This is a nice chill song, it is really alot of fun to listen to. Thank you


Simply a wonderful song. Amazing work man keep it up. Can't stop blasting this on max volume XD.