Reviews for "{Losing Touch}"


The song tells a story, like all of your songs. Damn, It's just like those Gundam (endless waltz) episodes I used to watch. Again, epic.


i know you probably hear this everyday, but your music is asjefoisjdf awesome!!1!!!!@12oneshiftoneshiftone@1!


I must say, after listening to it it wasn't my favorite song, but I've played it countless times on FFR and I am hooked. I love it how all your music seems to tell a story, and has a distinctive beginning, middle, and end to it. Nice job, CnB.

P.S I think it's in C# Major...it has all of those notes...correct me if I am wrong.

This sounds more like rave than happy hardcore.

I liked it, but try to make a clear distinction of whether or not this song is in the key of E or Eb.

how do u spell WOW?

Im seroious, my first all 10 song ive given. And yeah it does remind me of lord of the rings. Man your music inst music, its magic