Reviews for "{Losing Touch}"

Nice! ;) This is a perfect eurodance/hardcore song.

This is being very nice but oh no! I can't stop not even only thinking of THIS, more - I can't STOP this feeling keeping me to hear that voice deep inside my head saying: "it's way too short. Don't be foolish, you really know it it's possible to make it not only just better but significantly better. He totally could do so but probably is unwilling simply".
Oh and it means so much more longer, aww yes!

A little sweet. Anyway.

My favorite song of '07 by far

This couldn't get much better. I love the innocent positive aura and bliss. At nearly 190 BPM, the energy levels are insane. Also, it's the perfect song for rhythm games, as CnB must know by now.


i like this song. among other songs of yours, keep it up man, i think you should try to go like super public with your music (if you already havnt)


This song is awe-inspiring and full of energy! I love it! The ending could be a bit better though.