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Reviews for "HP Atk Def"

Oh boy, it's another Rob1221 game!

I won't lie, I am always a little nervous, because I know that it's going to be a challenge!

But again, you deliver something that feels fresh. The graphics might not be top-notch, but the gameplay is engaging.

HOWEVER, like your other games, at some point the longer you play, the more game lags so hard I have to restart browser, especially if you restart the same level over and over again.

It is not recommendable to use turbo because of that

Rob1221 responds:

Performance loss over time could be related to memory usage. It's not an issue on my end which makes this harder to solve. Which browser are you using, and does using a different browser have any change?

Update: I updated the game which should be an improvement, but probably not a huge one.

What a game! Just simple enough to where my brain is relaxing yet engaging enough to make me think. Trying to get maximum efficiency from the stat increases is fun. Only problem is there are only so many levels.

Done All of it now

Great level design and puzzels. Only feature I'd recommend is "undo". Other than that it's perfect!

Great music, animations and overall gameplay. I love it!