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Reviews for "HP Atk Def"

Very intuitive.

I really like the idea of taking the basic dungeon crawler concept and turning it into a puzzle instead of an RPG. The idea of this game is, instead of there being a plethora of stuff and options at your disposal (and RNG) like in a normal dungeon crawler, you have to strategize and navigate every room in just the right way to ensure you'll reach the end without dying.

Now, does the level design itself do this cool concept justice? Well, yes, for the most part. On the good side, it is not possible to just plow through levels without thinking, you actually have to pay attention to what you're doing. The puzzles start out really easy and get progressively harder, with new mechanics and enemies being introduced every now and again.

On the bad side however, I don't remember there being a single true headscratcher amidst the levels, with every puzzle ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty. That doesn't make the game bad, though, just not as good as it could be. While the core concept of the game is that you should pick your battles wisely, many enemies are placed in locations where it is too obvious that they are red herrings, and are probably there only to trip the most careless of players.

At the start, it is always obvious what you have to do next, but as you progress, you encounter more and more challenging situations that require you to do a little more thinking. Again, the challenge level never gets past "medium", but it's still really good.

All in all, this is a pretty interesting and fun little experience for what it is, so give it a go if you have the time.

Oh boy, it's another Rob1221 game!

I won't lie, I am always a little nervous, because I know that it's going to be a challenge!

But again, you deliver something that feels fresh. The graphics might not be top-notch, but the gameplay is engaging.

HOWEVER, like your other games, at some point the longer you play, the more game lags so hard I have to restart browser, especially if you restart the same level over and over again.

It is not recommendable to use turbo because of that

Rob1221 responds:

Performance loss over time could be related to memory usage. It's not an issue on my end which makes this harder to solve. Which browser are you using, and does using a different browser have any change?

Update: I updated the game which should be an improvement, but probably not a huge one.

pleasantly simple
would make a good mobile game too

Excellent game! Very well made levels that were the perfect level of difficulty for the most part. Obviously this was more about the puzzles and gameplay than graphics, so I didn't mind the simplicity of it. The menu and buttons were smooth and easy to navigate which shows you put in some thought to the experience of the player. Overall, a great little game. Would have loved to play even more levels or seen a couple other enemy types.