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Reviews for "HP Atk Def"

Neat concept but not as cool as your other games. I hate stopping and doing math and conversions. would rather just see the final damage per battle, but that's not fun either.

Awesome game, took a while to beat. Needs a sequel.

good game. nuff said.

So simple, yet such a mental puzzle! Please make a second edition or support "build your own levels" in the next version! Thank you!

I still can't get past 24😅


Just finished the game.

Instantly I'm appealed to the simple design, classic groovy music, and basic premise. The idea is easy enough to grasp, but hard enough to force you to think ahead. Levels were designed very well, causing one miscalculation to be the end of the main character, which is enjoyable because you're rewarded for solving it correctly by not wasting your choices.

It's a tricky take on the RPG genre with lovable, well-thought-out puzzles.