Reviews for "Luscious the blue succubus"

Gorgeous as Heck!~

Wow nice

Now normally I suggest adding backround but with the awsome use of colors blue for the character and peachish for backround this actually blends well, you have an amazing character here with lots of detail, maybe ad some shine on parts of her front view body, you have some Skillful Talent and its Endless, You should extend some parts in this art, and ofcourse some more polish is always good. this was a Large-Hearted art piece.

maybe ad some shine on parts of her front view body


ekajpalm responds:

Thanks for your suggestions mate! I'm happy you appreciate the color choices! As far as sheen goes, I agree with you. I actually tried adding some sheen to her, but it didn't really come out as well as I wanted it to.
perhaps in a later pic I can make it work better.

Thanks again! :D

I love her hair

Awesome expression and design!

Love the tattoo.