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Reviews for "ThorClock Takes Over: Part 21"

spanish for excelent

ThorClock is doing god's work out there. He will finish the dark ones in record time. As if they were nothing.

an incredible new part in the thor-clock saga.
the noble team assembles!
and thor clock has ''trained'' them well.
(the singing lyrics about thor clock, the lute jokes, and the parts with elements clock ''powers'' and the pun with MS-paint's name as a miss paint clock were very clever)

all the characters were nicely drawn, and well animated, while the movie was very funny and clever.
keep up the good work, thor!

Ushnor responds:

As per ScrewdriverClock's suggestions for new laws some time ago, BB10Clock is unbanned, and we now know resurrection is possible; what has he been up to!? stay tuned, folks

my stand is so great, i don't even know what it does.

Ushnor responds:

[STAND] name: Now That Is What I Call Music: Volume 12
Power: B
Speed: B
Range: B
Durability: B
Precision: B
Potential: B

Ability: Makes your enemies get corn stuck between their teeth, and they can't get it out no matter how hard they try.

Nice singing. 5'ed

OctopusClock responds:

thank you! the snobs on american idol didnt think so!