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Reviews for "NEO:YORK:KNIGHTS"

I feel like I’m missing something with this game. Without a jump button or a block button, it seems that an endless stream of enemies comes at you and you have to either spam attack or time your swing right? Every time I hit them, they hit me and there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it from happening, so I just die.

Looks nice and sounds nice, I just wish I could play it.

MoeAnguish responds:

That's fair, thanks for your input. but to answer your question; you're supposed to use both in the right time. and also, remember to throw your shield. these things deal a good amount of damage.

Kewl UwQ

MoeAnguish responds:

thnx u uwu


MoeAnguish responds:


This new version of the game is much better looking than the original. Plays a bit better, as well. For someone who hasn't dabbled in programming for over a year, it's amazing that you've still managed to find a way to improve. Then again, you're considerably more talented than you claim to be, so I shouldn't be surprised.

This music, by the way, adds, I'm assuming, an unintentional layer of depth as I'm fighting to survive. The thumping causes my desk to shake, kinda like a heartbeat. It goes well with the gameplay, though the music is a treat all on its own. Not the sort of thing I would normally enjoy, but it's an appreciated exception. I might have to visit the Bandcamp and check out the rest of Sro's discography.

Thank you, Moe. Thank you, Sro. MoeSro... SroMoe... I don't know.