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Reviews for "Hey! I just need some bread"

That was proper fun! At first I was thinking 'what laser beams?' but after a few minutes, oh boy! Loved the speed at which it got harder and the other birds coming in and causing havoc. The only thing that bothered me was that the other birds seemed to have laser-proof feathers. I tried SO many times to peck one to stun it right into a laser blast, but they always got away unharmed. Either I just didn't do it right, or you can't do it at all? If so, it'd be a great addition :)

nightape responds:

The original idea was the others bird can get burned to ashes but i got no time to do it XD

it is play very well i score 174!

really enjoyed it, the grapics are kind on the eyes the contros are responsive and the gameplay is solid
ps: score 69

played this while I was feeling really down and it cheered me up. super simple, it feels like a playable meme and I love it. the hand drawn sprites add to the cheer and charm of the game. you could definitely take this further into something that's super super cool.love it