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Reviews for "Stones of Anarchy: Flight of the Stone"

Flying is literally impossible. Half a star for making The Stone hideous
Edit: Ok so I found out how to fly, and now that I look at The Stone again, It's kinda cute. but K9-CLOCK, the game is still bad (in my opinion) so still half a star. :/
TIP: If you have touch screen, use it.
Another Edit: I'm bumping the score up by ONCE because the game is actually possible, unlike some other games.
Sorry but this game is just not for me. Also if anyone read this far, the seriously deserve a sticker.
ANOTHER Edit: K9-CLOCK, this is the first time I actually listened to the music and its epic. YOU deserve the sticker. and also Ushnor and StonesOfAnarchy obviously but I need to shut up. Anyone who read this far deserves a lollipop lol

40wd responds:

looks like someone is bad

u cant really go up a single one because it goes up so less

40wd responds:

We tested it, it is possible.

My one solace is that the rock is dead. Unremembered, unmourned.

Even a series of mouseclicks doesn't propel this stupid stone markedly ... unplayable.

P.S. I can click fast enough, thanks to the rise of idle clicker games that reward achievement for a certain number of clicks per second - so there, still unplayable.

StonesOfAnarchy responds:

You simply aren't clicking fast enough, do you really expect a ROCK to fly easily? It obviously is playable if people are unlocking trophies, it's just some lack the skill needed ;)

I've been pressing the left mouse key but i keep dying!

StonesOfAnarchy responds:

I don't think you're pressing it right