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Reviews for "A Very Paige Party v0.33e"

well, on opera, stack at 98%, at chrome 96%

wandfully responds:

Looking into it! Will let you know when we fix it.

UPDATE: Submitted another version, with a few more fail-safes for the loading. Make sure to give it a try! ^^

won't load past 99%

Edit 2020/02/12: don't know what you did but you solved it

A couple sugestions though:
1-there is way too much text for replayability, it is fine for the first playthrough, but for replaying and trying different scenes it would be great to have a "faster" skip (maybe jump to the next choice or last seen text option)
2-option to turn X-ray off; this one might be a lot of trouble to implement (I imagine you would need new art, since the only avaiable is with x-ray on), but it is a huge turn off to me

wandfully responds:

Can't reproduce that glitch for the life of me. Does it just get stuck?

If anybody is having this problem, feel free to send us a message and we'll look into it as further as we can.

UPDATE: Submitted another version, with a few more fail-safes for the loading. Make sure to give it a try! ^^

the art is great but it desperately needs actual animation

wandfully responds:

Actual animation is so hard ^^"
We're definitely gonna add some spline animation in the future, though!

wont load past 38% for me :'(

EDIT: It got fixed! :D

wandfully responds:

There seems to be a hiccup on 38% (it starts downloading the largest file), but it absolutely shouldn't get hard stuck there. Did the problem remain after refreshing the page?

UPDATE: Uploaded a new version, with some tentative fixes. If anyone else was having this problem, make sure to give it another try ^^

Great game, the characters were really distinct and it was nice to see them play off each other.

I really like the dare game idea, it has a lot of potential and could work as a stand-alone thing too. I think the best part about these kinds of scenarios is how the dares start off kinda tame and then quickly ramp up.

The artwork was great, all the characters looked super cute, and there was a nice variety of scenes :3 The interface and dialogue boxes looked super slick too, everything moved so smoothly. The game had a good snappy pace which really emphasised the girls' excitement for the party.

A scene select mode would have helped the replay factor, or maybe having the choices go off in greater tangents, there was enough content here to split the scenarios up and have two distinct paths after the kiss. It's not a major issue though, more of a personal preference when it comes to re-playability.

Overall this was a fantastic game with a unique setting and great characters, can't wait to see more. :3