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Reviews for "A Very Paige Party v0.33e"

This game is very nice, the art is beautiful, the conversation quite funny and there's a bit of pubic hair for one girl (for once), which seems more natural (even if it's still not enough imho) !
Could be improved with some animation during sex scenes !

super cute, nice work

Age: Why...
From: ...the fuck...
Food Preference: ...you care?!"

...Okay, I'm sold, you've earned a new fan, this is probably the funniest and most wholesome thing I've seen in a while...and you mad lads have somehow managed to make it a hentai. XD

Although I'll say that you definitely have an...interesting release record, with seemingly only one game per year so far-
Still, the work you *have* done is amazing. And I look forward to future updates, and will support you as much as I can, even though I can't afford patreon. (being poor sucks)

Also, it'll be great to see new scenes, and possibly different endings. Hmm...I'm not really sure how it'd be done but maybe a "harem" end or something like that for an extra good ending and reward if a player manages to have a perfect game? I'm not sure if you'd prefer more of a focus on choices or playing the actual game. So far it seems like selectable choices is the way the game is leaning, which I'm perfectly fine with...it just seems like there's not much point in playing cards since they're just going to be destroyed or invalidated anyways, so maybe take out the ability to manually pick cards and just pick from a list of options and strategies?-

Also, it'd be funny to see what a card game where the player character is a participant every single turn is like...maybe that could lead to the aforementioned harem end...
Like after a while it's just like every single girl has went against or with the protagonist and they just keep winning every challenge, so by the end the girls are all trying to gang up on him to keep him from winning but it just backfires the harder they try, as somehow through sheer luck, he's always a participant, so they keep losing to him in these sex games, leading to a route where they manage to finish, and the protag gets the snacks but in return he needs to deal with the lust of everyone else-
I don't know, I'm sure there's a more light and comedic way of going about it, but that's my recommendation for a route that I think would be interesting and has potential.

Although again, don't know how that would work since they're playing for food-

But all around, really excited for more updates and laughs.
Also the lines in this game are killer, never before have I heard a phrase as amazing as "Jumping Jizz!" in a game with this high quality-

...also it'd be amazing if Paige was actually this thirsty all along and was just using the potion as an excuse, like her metabolism is so fast that it just burned through all of the potion in a few minutes...and it'd almost make sense considering that she somehow managed to eat ALL the snacks available in the surrounding area causing this mess-
...also kind of odd how Blair is the only one who acts the slightest bit hungry at all-
Given that's supposed to be the driving factor behind all these shenanigans. XD

wandfully responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review! Love to get those! Hope you don't mind if we end up using one or two of your ideas in the future ~.^

We plan to expand this game a lot, but if we'll first implement individual routes for each character or an all-out harem ending, we'll let our patrons decide.

The card game right now really is just a different way to go from one scene to the next, but we do plan to make it a fully fledged game, where each time the game is played a different story takes place.

Absolutely fantastic my friend! The dialogue feels genuine and natural. The scenes are well done, the music is nice, and the art is fantastic! 5/5

you guys really like to complicate a "sex" game, first was the blacksmith minigame, now this