Reviews for "Queen's Brothel 0.8.4"


It's fair. The animation is not off the charts, but sexy. The story is good. It's not just here fuck this girl, but I have to give it a fair rating. It's a weird dynamic. It seems like too much effort for a sex game, when it comes to just wanting to get to a lot of sex. Basically the barriers suck, but it's also the redeeming quality of the game is that it has depth, so it's not all bad. It's a weird love hate relationship with the game. Anyway I have to go right down the middle with this rating.

Love the game, my one gripe is that i find it squeezing blood from a stone to try and gather money in this game now. Is there some secret tech i don't know

DPMaker responds:

LOL No, I just haven't balanced that part of the game yet! Sorry!

i like it but the other figth system was much more comfortable this the only deficit , but more then enough for me so as not to play it again. srry dude
i like ur artworks im intrested in the next patch .

Dude amazing, your chosen a nice simple artwork.
it get's better after each realease.
good work!! vey nice and finally a game who's delivered.

DPMaker responds:

Thank you for the kind words!