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Reviews for "The Life And Death Of Sherrif Mc Stool"

Fantastic, truly fantastic, well done!

This was right up my alley, way more than the other toons I've seen from you.
The art feels a lot more polished, with the close-ups of the ruffian and the sweat drops. The backgrounds outside were pretty gorgeous to look at as well, very stylish. The animation when he was rolling around was super smooth and kinetic, I really loved the shots during that indoors part, very fun and fast.
The comedy, goddamn. When he starts rolling I crack up every time. It's impossible not to. It's so unexpected and bizarre. I love how you used it to play on the trope of the villain challenging the hero for some dumb offense. Sherrif McStool shooting him and the gun just laying there also got me, I didn't really expect it. The way that star shone innocently, too, was a nice little bit of joke going along with the tropes and just kinda dumbing them down to a silly sound effect. I don't know what I'm saying, I'm sleepy, so please forgive me. The ending kept with the trend of making fun of tropes nicely. The dude shooting a literal stool, goddamn.
The sound was pretty great. I really liked the music, it feels very much like u m a m i and I think it fits really well with an absurd western parody and especially with that background. Added even more style. The scream was absolutely perfect.
Overall, this was really fantastic! Funny and with a sense of style. I really think it showed off pretty great comedic pacing. Keep it up!

The sound editing on that endless scream as he falls and rolls: that was something. I'm not sure I've ever heard anything of equal caliber before, and I'm not sure I ever will...

Quality seems to deviate slightly towards other parts but in the end this was just pure masterful. Also not featuring any particularly well-known character, but more so parodying the genre itself, in that dark and dystopian way you do... it feels new. Not bad.


Sheriff McStool ain't nobody's fool!