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Reviews for "Maze Slider"

two notes:

puzzle games like this typically introduce one element/mechanic at a time, then spend a few levels fleshing them out or showing the quirks associated with the mechanic. this way, players can get accustomed to them. this game shows them all off super quickly, except the red square, which shows up incredibly late. as a result, players aren't given the chance to get "used to" a mechanic and thus you can't get super in-depth or complicated with levels.

second, timing-based elements are the bane of puzzle games, and this game has not one but two timing-based mechanics. pls remove them, the game would be so much better without them.

Gave up at 24

Too many different elements to work with, and disappearing blocks? At level 22 I just said no.

A shame because even though not an original concept, it did look promising.

• Not Original -2.5 Points
• Fun (6/10) 0.5 Points
• Hard 0.5 Points
• Assets -0.5 Points

Over all its an okay game but the idea is not new and kinda fun plus the character doesn't fit with the blocks. (3/5)

An okay effort. The game goes back and forth with several puzzle concepts without really expanding them and the trial and error levels (namely 22 and 25) weren't especially fun. Difficulty wasn't consistent, either. The last level seemed absurdly simple compared to the previous ones. I think it would benefit separating the different puzzle concepts into their own collections that way everything remains consistent and it gets progressively harder as players make their way through them. Unsure if that's royalty free music and a .JPG background either. The presentation could look more unique and appealing. I also think level 16 had a poor spawn point. I died way before I can even tell what I had to do.