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Reviews for "Maze Slider"

This was a pretty fun little game. I got lost at Level 10. I bet most people did. While not that detailed, it was still quite innovative. I love how people are always coming up with new ideas. It was very easy at first.

Thank you for so many medals. The beat was really good too. The colors were a strong bit. I liked all the ways you could move. The collecting the rainbow things was neat too.

Pretty cool game that has a lot of interesting pieces to it, but is kinda haphazard and all over the place! The game introduces so many elements at the beginning that every level is a very easy tutorial for a new mechanic, until suddenly there is a huge difficulty spike near the end where the puzzles get really hard. If possible, I feel like the order for the levels should be changed to flow better in terms of letting each new puzzle mechanic breathe and slowly crank the difficulty up bit-by-bit. I do appreciate the challenge and the variety of mechanics, however!

Good little puzzler.
got me thinking on some of those levels for sure!
I liked the graphics and the animations were super smooth.
The music wasn't great but I liked the way it progressed.

two notes:

puzzle games like this typically introduce one element/mechanic at a time, then spend a few levels fleshing them out or showing the quirks associated with the mechanic. this way, players can get accustomed to them. this game shows them all off super quickly, except the red square, which shows up incredibly late. as a result, players aren't given the chance to get "used to" a mechanic and thus you can't get super in-depth or complicated with levels.

second, timing-based elements are the bane of puzzle games, and this game has not one but two timing-based mechanics. pls remove them, the game would be so much better without them.

Its... alright.. The controls work, and the graphics are fine, even though they are a little.. odd.. My complaint is that it does not feel original enough to be a game this long.