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Reviews for "(+18) The Legend of the Spirit Orbs"

I want more, i really liked the last version and didn't expected more
You have a new patreon ♥

Babusgames responds:

That makes me so happy! Thank you very much! ♥

10/10 Maybe a bit laggy in the last scene for Paya, but great job as always. Keep going please.

Review Aggregate:

Bombs are essential, yes. Somewhat op? No. It rewards careful accuracy over panic clicking.

Hourglass is essential. That's a bit of a grind fest, but compared to most games, not really. Once you grind on Zelda *hue hue* you should have enough oomph to get past Paya.

Compass... Perhaps a sidegrade on a higher level could restrict the highlighted orbs to a grid of 3x3. One early hardcap could be lighting up, or bordering the top or bottom half where the thing is. A higher hardcap could highlight a 3x3 grid. The highest hardcap could be a panic compass where it actually switches to a light bow shot that just saves people, but make the rupee cost for that one hella grindy.

For reviewers complaining about clicking the wrong symbols/right symbols, don't listen to them. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Pay attention and grind a bit. Where Zelda had identical sets of 2 (where 2 orbs look similar), Paya has sets of 3. If it helps, learn to pay attention to where the sets of 3 are when you first skim over the board. You aren't seeing a bug - that really is the wrong symbol.

For the 3rd character, a real pain in the ass would be if a wrong answer shuffles the board, but don't make that an animation. That will create unnecessary lag.

Good game for its length. Keep on keepin' on!

nice puzzle game ♥

I busted like 7 times to this