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Reviews for "(+18) The Legend of the Spirit Orbs"

the art looks well done and i can't remember if the shop was in the first version but its very helpful, still wish the combo was a bit shorter though.

very cool

What an excellent game! The presentation was top-notch, and I loved the Zelda aesthetic just everywhere. Really well made when it came to the UI and recreating a couple of Hyrule's hotties (though the Zelda moans were a tad awkward but there wasn't much you could have done there). The art (and errr "rewards") were crisp and looked great, and the gameplay itself was fun with a nice way of making it easier or more difficult for the player via the shop. If there were many more levels, this game would be something I'd rate highly even if it weren't a hentai game. But it is a hentai game. And the hentai is good. Unfortunately as it is, there are only 7 levels (I am ignoring the Patreon-exclusive level) which makes the game very short. Not a bad thing given it's a hentai game, but still, that's only 7 h-materials to really work with, and the 4th one is of a pregnant Zelda which most people wouldn't use as fap material, so really that's 6 h-scenes with only 4 of them being interactive. Luckily it's pretty quick to get to all the material, but at the end of the day, though the game is good, it's not exactly brimming with content. That's fine if the game was designed to be completed in 10 minutes, however a game with this structure has the potential to go on for a rather long time without being a dick-tease.

I have only rated it 4 stars however, and that is because the game is not perfect. But that should be obvious, and the author of the game has said they'll be adding more features and Midna as a character next (and the menu suggests at least one other character after that), so I'm not going to *criticise* it for a lack of material (though I do think this needs much more levels - but at the same time that may infuriate those who just want a quick spunk and done.) Rather, I'd just rate it even higher if there was more game. Not a bad complaint to have.

What I am disappointed by is Zelda's presence. I understand the Patreon supporters love Paya, however the game does say it was inspired by a doujin where Link exclusively fucks Zelda, so for there to be the same focus for Paya and Zelda seems a bit disappointing. I would love it if there could be more Zelda, and, hell, more levels (and hence rewards) in general. I'll take what I can get. Beggers can't be choosers. But with at least 2 more characters on the way, the focus on Zelda is certainly going to go. Not necessarily a bad thing. However if each character only gets 4 h-scenes, it does leave something to be desired per character.

The shop was also great! However accessing the shop was more difficult than it needed to be. You could only really get to the shop once you have finished (or lost) a level - a way to get to the shop from the main menu would have made purchasing items easier and more intuitive as I and everybody else liked to go straight to the "rewards" and hence not be able to buy something until we lost a round. I see other reviews saying the game was too hard, possibly because they never knew the shop was a feature. Putting a button in the main menu would make it more obvious for people to know the game can be easier than just 25 seconds, and also let people enjoy their "rewards" to their heart's content. I do think the shop is perhaps underdeveloped though, and yes it has some nice features but I would rate even higher if the shop had more possible things to purchase as 3 items at a time could be raised to more (hell, maybe even throw a skill tree in?). One last thing I'd suggest is to show what previous items someone has bought in the shop so they can directly compare their upgrades, and maybe also add a way for them to sell their previously bought items so they can reallocate their money or make things harder later because they're masochists I guess. I dunno, options are never a bad thing. Speaking of, a save system would also be quite appreciated.

I look forward to the next update with Midna and with "structural changes". This is very high-quality for a hentai game, and if you do enough it may just end up being a game I'd play even without the hentai. But to reiterate, the hentai is very good, so I wouldn't because I like the hentai. That said, Paya's third scene had a lot more detail than Zelda's third scene - but perhaps a bit too much as when I did Paya's third scene it lagged unbearably - and that was when I had no other program running but my browser! So if you could somehow improve the performance there then, again, the rating would be higher.

Overall the effort put into the game is very noticeable, and a very fun game. And at the end of the day we all came here for the "rewards" and stayed for the gameplay, and given both are quality you've got a high-rating submission right here. Basically my criticisms boil down to I want more or want it to be smoother, which is not exactly a negative thing. Keep up the good work!

LOL, I loved the final scene...

One of my proudest faps