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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Hentai Haiku #14 - Pylons"

this one is a fair bit less erotic than the other ones, but kudos on trying out something more unusual!

im sorry im having trouble understanding why you don't put all of the games on here (the games that are here are fantastic keep up the good work)

Hey man, the technicality of these projects are great, the 3D and physics work really well, although to be fair, they are used in very confined ways. But that just means there's a lot of potential.
So I just wanted to ask if you were aiming to implement them all into a bigger game space or something?

LasseRaus responds:

Thanks for the encouragement!

Yes, I am definitely aiming to apply/deploy this tech in more ambitious game projects. So If you have suggestions for collaborations or on how to allocate necessary funding, please don't hold back!

So my main question is: how do you play? I can get the pylons to move up and down and the girl moves A LITTLE with them, but not much else happening. Some hints or a tutorial - even something descriptive in the author's comments - would be helpful.

The game seems really incomplete so I'll avoid giving it a bomb score. If I knew a little about how to play I'd probably rate it higher.

LasseRaus responds:

Have you tried to push the yellow-black pylon all the way down?

I can't get the camera to move at all. Left clicking + dragging moves the image around the screen. Mouse wheel scroll doesn't work either. Edge browser.

EDIT: Edge Browser 44.18362.449.0
This time, camera movement and mouse scroll work at the start. Problems begin you are clicking on a pylon (seems to be the big, leftmost one) and try to move the camera, then the image drags around until you click on the screen. I was able to do that three or four times before the camera movement and mouse scroll stopped working. Now it just drags the image when I try to move the camera.

LasseRaus responds:

Thanks for letting me know.
I just tested it again, on Win10, with...
. Edge 44.0 : works
. Edge 79.0 (the new Chromium-based Edge): works
Can you give more info for me to reproduce the issue?