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Reviews for "Hentai Haiku #14 - Pylons"

I can't get the camera to move at all. Left clicking + dragging moves the image around the screen. Mouse wheel scroll doesn't work either. Edge browser.

EDIT: Edge Browser 44.18362.449.0
This time, camera movement and mouse scroll work at the start. Problems begin you are clicking on a pylon (seems to be the big, leftmost one) and try to move the camera, then the image drags around until you click on the screen. I was able to do that three or four times before the camera movement and mouse scroll stopped working. Now it just drags the image when I try to move the camera.

LasseRaus responds:

Thanks for letting me know.
I just tested it again, on Win10, with...
. Edge 44.0 : works
. Edge 79.0 (the new Chromium-based Edge): works
Can you give more info for me to reproduce the issue?

The camera gets stuck after you move it once, and I really don't get the point of the game. Some of these have been vaguely erotic but this is just bizarre.

Edit: The camera didn't get stuck and the game performed better when I tried it again.

LasseRaus responds:

the camera gets stuck!? Can you maybe give more details? Doesn't get stuck for me.
(The camera won't move if you start dragging the mouse while over a pylon.)

WHAT the hell is this !!!

LasseRaus responds:

Trying to be innovative.

So my main question is: how do you play? I can get the pylons to move up and down and the girl moves A LITTLE with them, but not much else happening. Some hints or a tutorial - even something descriptive in the author's comments - would be helpful.

The game seems really incomplete so I'll avoid giving it a bomb score. If I knew a little about how to play I'd probably rate it higher.

LasseRaus responds:

Have you tried to push the yellow-black pylon all the way down?