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Reviews for "Hentai Haiku #14 - Pylons"

im sorry im having trouble understanding why you don't put all of the games on here (the games that are here are fantastic keep up the good work)

Hey man, the technicality of these projects are great, the 3D and physics work really well, although to be fair, they are used in very confined ways. But that just means there's a lot of potential.
So I just wanted to ask if you were aiming to implement them all into a bigger game space or something?

LasseRaus responds:

Thanks for the encouragement!

Yes, I am definitely aiming to apply/deploy this tech in more ambitious game projects. So If you have suggestions for collaborations or on how to allocate necessary funding, please don't hold back!

Makes absolutely no sense. All it is is clicking on a pylon, and it slides up and down. Only one seems to do anything is the one in the middle between her legs, and all it does is stay down. The girl just lays there, and flops around a little if you move certain pylons, and she is barely visible and is all red. Upon zooming in/moving camera, there is still nothing more to do. How exactly does this achieve rich real-time interactivity for building an Adult 3D Sandbox, when there is nothing to do but click on a pylon while the girl does NOTHING? And how does this give me a virtual place to explore all the facets of physical sexual communication, when again IT DOES NOTHING????? There is no sex, barely any noticable nudity, she doesn't move, how exactly is this even a game? Not to mention, 5 mins after trying to figure out what exactly I am supposed to do, and what this exactly is, the camera stopped moving, so I was now stuck at her head, with her arms falling out of the pylons.

this one is a fair bit less erotic than the other ones, but kudos on trying out something more unusual!

i don't get it.. whats the point of this "game"?
like you can do nothing interesting..