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Reviews for "idle arcade - make lvl"

with glitches but ok, I liked

The game has incoherent explanation, but it is actually kinda fun.

The goal in the five levels is to build platforms using blocks just to get the spawned blocks from start to the finish flag. The goal in idle level, which is the main part of the game, is to build as large a level as possible so that the spawned blocks would reach the finish block, but it would take as long time as possible. The longer the blocks travel to the finish flag the more money you get per journey.

It's king of glitchy... lots of blocks just stop in the middle of a straight line for no reasons, or simply turn back.
The idea is here, but lack of a lot of finitions of be a great idle.
(sorry for my english)

Edit: Got all the achievements in less two hours without doing anything, and only using the first two blocks and a teleporter (and also thanks to the glitches). That's where my point is, this game lack of something that makes it interesting or challenging

kbvpneofit responds:


A decent game, though it's lacking music, sounds, a tutorial and seems to be a bit buggy.

The minions sometimes slow down or speed up for no apparent reason, even worse they just stop and glitch around at their place, kinda as if they are vibrating. They all get stuck at the same spot, as if it was a magnet for them. I could edit that spot all I want, direction blocks don't make them move from there, low gravity blocks don't make them float, a flying ability block would let them fly from the spot through the map directly to the flag, ignoring all other blocks. If they get stuck like this on a spot, I'm forced to build around it or even push them with platform blocks. I didn't test if refreshing the game would fix it, I'd have to sell all blocks first and that would be too much work if I'm already trying to reach high scores and the lvl is full with blocks.
In build mode, it is possible to mistakenly place blocks in the block menu, where they cover whatever is below them. I'd have to sell them again, though they aren't meant to be set there in the first place.

Despite those bugs, I still managed to get all medals, but sadly the game doesn't seem to upload my money score.
I have 696660 money and a time score of 1521 seconds, therefore I would be at the top of both leaderboards, but even after refreshing, saving again, closing the window and coming back to it after hours, it doesn't register the money one, only the time score was just added :(

If the bugs were fixed, the leaderboard worked and the game had some music and maybe a few more levels (there still seems to be room for 10 more) I would surely rate higher ^-^

You could also add a section where players could share their selfmade levels, with set blocks that couldn't be erased, just like the 5 available levels. That could be a nice extra to add more fun, because at the moment the game only consists of 5 easy levels and the idle/grinding screen.
But if you may actually add it, try to limit the uploadable lvls in terms of blocks and money, so that others couldn't just share their best grinding layouts, which would flood the leaderboards with lazy copycats.

The game has potential if you build up on it more.

Start a level -> build some shit on all money -> quit level -> start level again -> old shit is saved, but money is refilled -> build some shit. and etc.