Reviews for "Ultimate Sonic Fight"

Title sounds like some Sonic flash games I played as a kid. Video plays out like an odd, but enjoyable fanfic. Needless to say, I enjoy this.

Decent drawings, really good backgrounds, but man. None of this makes sense. Your cartoons can't be funny if you don't give them at least some form of structure. Just ask yourself honestly, what do you think this cartoon would be without any popular characters? Would it still be interesting or funny? There's also very little sound design. We should hear sfx when sonic jumps/runs etc. I bet you could do better if you focused a little more next time.

Sequel when?

Had a little of a chuckle. I can see the joke, memes and fan fiction references are all well and good, less so when it's the whole joke. It's put together decently enough.

Better than most Sonic fan fictions I did as a wee lad.