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Reviews for "Ritz"

Lol, I got 57 pieces of cheese. There are two secret pieces!

invisible platform

DIGIMIN responds:


Game is good but I am going to give this medium score for the attitude. The author is a long time member of the NG community and knows how the medals work and the weaknesses of API, but he still has made no way to save the game and not make effort to get all 56 cheese pieces in vain if it takes too long.

To get the 100% completion you are racing against an invisible timer, if you fail your effort is in vain. I am not going to try this even, I am not a masochist. Huge negligence from the author that shows a lack of respect for the players.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

my bad woops lmao im jus lazy

Very fun to play.

Very fun game! A few minor quibbles:

1. I got all 56 pieces of cheese, but the medal didn't unlock.
2. I was able to get the top-left secret cheese without using the hidden platform. Was this intentional?
3. Is there any way to find that hidden platform and the one above the spike pit other than by jumping around until you get lucky and land on them? Were there any hints to location or timing?

And finally, some of the blind jumps were CHEEEEEAP, especially given how fast the character falls!

Anyway, keep up the good work!

ninjamuffin99 responds:

medal might not have unlocked if u took a long time between 1 medal and the next, just because of the way i sorta coded things the API login session might be timing out.

top left cheese should not be able to get without secret platform but hey if u nab it, i say you earned it

and woops yea for that last hidden platform you'll either have to jump around, or try to find a map of some sort. Go ask @RGPAnims or @Palkoark they are the only ones with a map right now. If they choose to spread the map or keep it all to themselves, its up to them.