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Reviews for "ALIEN"

that's actually really deep, how you showed what a stereotypical party would be like, with the secret gay couple, the stoners, the artists, the gamers, the loners, and then as the main character that one person that just can't fit in any group that's in the party. really good video, really good audio, really good voice acting, everything was just awesome overall.

Despite the randomness of all of it, I really do have to point out how smooth and detailed the animation was made. Like, god-like level of smooth. Also, the music throughout the video was poppin'.
Overall, I really appreciate the quality of this animation. I'm impressed by how so many talented artists on Newgrounds can create such gorgeous animations... with such seemingly bizarre video ideas.

Jėga. Labai patiko istorija, perteikia labai pažįstamą jausmą (deja), ypač ta vieta su kalkuliatorium :D. Nupiešta ir suanimuota kaip visada puikiai, fonai nerealūs. Idealiai parinktos spalvos. Būtų labai įdomu sužinoti, kuom profesionaliai gyvenime užsiimi?

DeadFlyFromMoon responds:

Sodinu medžius. Čia tik hobis mano :D Labai ačiū už nuomonę. Smagu, kad patiko.

my dumbass thought it was spelled AUEN when i saw the thumbnail till i saw the word ALIEN. also awesome job with the animation.

DeadFlyFromMoon responds:

Thanks man.

Very relatable and well-made! I have definitely been in the main character's shoes before.