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Reviews for "ALIEN"

that's actually really deep, how you showed what a stereotypical party would be like, with the secret gay couple, the stoners, the artists, the gamers, the loners, and then as the main character that one person that just can't fit in any group that's in the party. really good video, really good audio, really good voice acting, everything was just awesome overall.

I really liked this! Felt like I was in the party.

Nice, look forward to seeing more

So, I'll try to be fair: the animation needs some work: it looksstiff from time to time, especially the walking cycle. The detailed bits, the close ups, were generally well animated, so it's a pity. You should try to polish that. Another thing is that the voice acting was a little... lame. As someone said before, maybe you can contact some good VA from here.

All in all, however, even with all those things I commented on, I still think this is great. The topic was treated in a fairly fantastic fashion and I felt quite identified, personally. The little sarcastic bits in the dialogues, the hypocrisy of the people involved, that feeling of not being part of any group while it is almost mandatory to consume drugs to be cool... Excellent.

DeadFlyFromMoon responds:

Thanks for honest feedback. Yes. Animation is hit and miss. I still need a lot of things to learn. Voice acting is my weakest point. Glad you liked the story and found some connection with main character.

This was relatable and engaging to watch.
I love how the characters are all spouting generic, contrived and pretentious bullshit that they clearly think is deep and intelligent themselves. I can't count how often I've felt like this at some party I just shouldn't have gone to.
I think the funniest part was the girls on the couch, needing to write on Facebook about how deep it is to realize that we're all slaves to Facebook. The narrative is subtle, and isn't spoonfed, which I rather enjoyed. I turned on this animation looking at the 10 minute duration thinking "Ugh...", especially with a title giving me the impression that this may just be a 10 minute "acid trip animation", but I was very pleasantly surprised to realize what the title meant.

A few bad points though:
The animation is a bit choppy. Nothing too shabby.
The voice acting is REALLY WEAK. You should collaborate with some voice actors, there's plenty of them in this community.