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Reviews for "Where in Space is Baby Hitler?"

the best game ever

I loved the original and this sequel is really impressive. Had much fun dungeon crawling. Would be even better if there was a possibility to continue game if you have't beaten it yet. I got to the robot and had to go, but now it seems that I'm forced to start over.

EDIT: did I have to save manually? Damn! I haven't noticed the diskette icon or didn't pay attention to it... Autosave really spoiled me I guess.

jacklehamster responds:

The game has a save/load feature!

I lost the game on purpose so that events wouldn't change
(for real tho game is great, I admire the art)

Epic adventure I long to finish and follow.

what is the Jean Jacques song called again?
Edit:Thank you Jack! Hope Amari gets featured in the next game.

jacklehamster responds:

Elle a fait un bébé toute seule