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Reviews for "Where in Space is Baby Hitler?"

A very surprising sequel, but a rapid departure from the original. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good because it shows a lot of creativity and expansion of ideals. Not so good because anyone coming in expecting a quick moral dilemma, goofy game is going to be thrown into a point-and-click dungeon crawling RPG with Punch-Out combat. It's kind of a lot to take in with very little explanation. Still, as of what I played, it's solid.

ALSO: How do I defeat the robot? It keeps blocking my attacks no matter what.

jacklehamster responds:

Yeah, to me at least, it's closer to the kind of game I like to make: complex games with elaborate stories. As far as goofiness goes, there's actually plenty of that past the dungeon.

Sorry at least for this game, I try not to provide hints (at least for a week or two). Feel free to ask on the community thread! All I can say is that some puzzles in this game have more to do with timing than using the right item.

when you click through dialog, it should complete the dialog, not just remove it.

overall really fun though.

Alright which 4channer made this dog shit idea?

the best game ever