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Reviews for "Where in Space is Baby Hitler?"

Not going to be my final star rating just yet hopefully, but there's a SUPER-ANNOYING glitch where if you talk to Yupa, the game freezes and you can't do anything. The music continues for a while and then even that stops. Seems to happen to me after he talks about how economical it is to stick lots of Yupa on a lorry. Irritating because you have to get fairly deep in the game for this to happen and it has struck me twice! (Third time I tried it I remembered to save the game first - yeah the conversation with Yupa is definitely what triggers it!)

A minor thing, the retro-mode switch toggles from OFF to OFF? It does switch successfully though!

I played it on Amazon Fire Silk Browser and it worked, this game is really cool, and I liked it a lot!😁

jacklehamster responds:

Sorry to hear that. The game is supported on mobile in case you can use that.

I lost the game on purpose so that events wouldn't change
(for real tho game is great, I admire the art)

I loved the original and this sequel is really impressive. Had much fun dungeon crawling. Would be even better if there was a possibility to continue game if you have't beaten it yet. I got to the robot and had to go, but now it seems that I'm forced to start over.

EDIT: did I have to save manually? Damn! I haven't noticed the diskette icon or didn't pay attention to it... Autosave really spoiled me I guess.

jacklehamster responds:

The game has a save/load feature!

Well it's a decent point and click game. Not great but not bad either.And for those who don't get the baby Hitler painting. It's a nod to a game this guy made called kill baby Hitler or something like that.