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Reviews for "Where in Space is Baby Hitler?"

I'm sorry but this isn't so good as the first episode.
I had a bug on the second floor where the game got stuck...

I can grab infinite rope apparently? Is that supposed to happen?

t beat it music hurts

HOW DO I GET OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /:(

Probably too ambitious for its sake. Slight spoilers below.

A kinda OK point and click adventure. This one sure does stray from the path laid down by the original game, where the selling point was dealing with the future dictator of fascist Germany in his mustached infancy. The original game itself was nothing more but a dull and forgettable borderline shitpost reply to an outburst of idiocy expected from Ben "Baby Hitler was a baby" Shapiro. It's somewhat commendable that something so different and more varied in tone and style was born out of a jolly easter egg.

The good thing about the game is that it tries to marry different styles of gameplay, with point and click segments transitioning into a micro-battle RPG of sorts. Having shootout segments, minigames and different perspectives and styles is great for breaking the pace. Though, in all honesty, the elements in question aren't that great for different reasons. The characters and the enemies are good, distinct and have clear personalities (the test animal at the end of the dungeon in particular is a scary motherfucker). The story is a beautiful confusing mess of sciency time travel mumbo-jumbo, space adventure and Hitler, and does the job decently to engage you. Also, while the artstyle itself is quite fair, especially for the jam constraints, the UI might've needed a bit more polish (In particular, what's wrong with adding a map to the UI, even as a shop item option? It would'be been more convenient than print screening the layout of the floor), with prompts interlacing with each others, the inventory prompt colliding with the backing out in the dungeon, etc. Despite this, there's a fair amount of polishing touches, ranging from minigames (though there's no prize/achievement for topping the arcade. Shame), to upgrades (which, quite unfortunately, barely have any usefulness so late in the game). Brutal and comical game overs are very Sierra-ish, and are welcome. And of course, nice of you to feature different endings (though I only had the patience for the main one really).

The gameplay itself is not as good, however. While the puzzles are neatly designed, they are somewhat easy (with all the solutions also being spelt explicitly by NPC's) and, in the post-dungeon potion of the game, virtually non-existent. I feel like you could've done much more for the tavern part of the game too. The combat and RPG portion feels like an afterthought. The combat itself is quite redundant, with no variety in attack patterns and ways to deal with enemies (except for the sexy robot that is) bar straight up capping mofos. The levelling is quite useless, seeing how you can just heal with water bottles in the dungeon, and with both attack and defense having a negligible effect. The wasteland part(in the "game scene with the most buggy implementation") is an obvious filler that serves zero purpose. So is the asteroid part. Shame you haven't implemented the Ecstacity part (speaking of it, why would you get attack and defense debuffs for visiting it, if the later parts make you exclusively use your pistol, even in the wasteland). Design wise, i think it would've been better to stick to the original point and click formula, and to refine it, instead of hoping for some emergent core gameplay loop, consisting of many different parts.

Speaking of buggy, the whole game is. I understand that there was a need for a rush for pixel day, but that doesn't change the fact that there's too many of 'em. In particular, in the asteroid part (and also in he minigame art for that matter), the speed of the rocks is tied to your monitor's refresh rate. As a 144Hz scrub, i thought that the game was straight up broken, or there was another catch to progressing. Playing it at 60 Hz and seeing the rocks coming 2.4 times slower was a definite relief. The LMB doesn't advance the dialog faster, and, in the later portions, sometimes would cause lines to be repeated. Also, game focus is kinda finnicky, and won't resume the game until you've clicked on the border around the main window. The shootout part is a mess, because, aside from being designed poorly (there's no indication that bullets were to be needed earlier, so i was stuck with no ammo for the brute guy), your health would reach zero without you dying. Also, the aforementioned brute would appear regardless of you killing foes, and, if your health is in fact zero, you'd die instantly, with no chance of retaliation. There's a Hugh Jazz amount of smaller bugs, like ropes being added to your inventory infinitely, and the like.

Overall, the game's kinda strange. It's obviously creative, charming and, despite having to do fuck all with babies and Hitler, tries to go for something complete and grandiose, but is set back by subpar design of gameplay, several graphical, programming and timing constraints, and a story that could be somewhat more concrete and could feature more of our favourite Austrian-German painter turned dictator, cutting him a bit more flack. 6/10.