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Reviews for "Where in Space is Baby Hitler?"

Pretty good. Kinda eh to control though. The graphics are slightly annoying, but nothing that makes the game unplayable. Really the only thing that really stops me from rating it any higher is the navigating. It's awfully hard to get place to place without getting lost. I find myself backtracking constantly. I still haven't gotten too too far yet though. But I strongly recommend.


Also none of the medals got unlocked. Very annoying.

I like both Kill Baby Hitler and this a lot!
I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I was stuck at the place where I met Yupa. I gave him five bottles of water, but he does not wake up and it prompts me to water Yupa again.
Also, maybe it's my browser, but I need to complete an action twice to get the medal...
Apart from that, this is really enjoyable!

Mussolini and Stalin are dissapointed that they don't have their own games XD

About halfway through the game there's this amazing glitch where I do a half turn and am now eternally at a 45 degree angle to to the walls and can't see any doors or orient myself properly. Otherwise epic game