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Reviews for "'From Frog to Fly (to Frog)'"

Pretty cool.

Been watching this on loop for ages! It's such a smart idea and the animation is so pleasing to the eye. The way you shade/highlight with pixels is so nice and overall everything looks so neat!! The music fits perfectly with the toon too! x)

Endless animation

Very cute and satisfying to watch, the visuals are great, and the sounds are pretty good too!!

It's one of these endless ones huh! :D The player doesn't allow for as seamless loops as I'd like, but it seems like it really might be seamless...

I like the design. Like the music. Like the crazy idea, symbolic as it could be on so many levels of our social order too, and most of all: tongue-hands. They leave me intrigued but baffled.

Ribbit good!