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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 5"

Holy sht! another version?! I thought you guys were done. I love your hard work on this epic humorist fantastic game! I am fan since the first.

I don't give five stars to a game unless it's as good as EBF3. Of course, this is better than EBF3, but top tier is top tier. I do appreciate all the banter in the game, and the references to other games or culture war memes. I did not find the secret soundboard. Will play again.

Another classic fitting of the Epic Battle Fantasy title!

I don't have time to play this, since the last one came out when I had waaaaaaay more free time, but I'm just coming here to 1) say thank you to matt-likes-swords for pumping out some extremely quality games 2) encourage anyone who hasn't played them before to do so. Good combat and upgrade systems, but honestly what makes these games are the great characters, stories and banter, and frenetic art style. Definitely give it a shot!

Literally has the game on deluxe and came here to test the overall speed of both versions, let's just say the deluxe is better and has extra loot and supports the developer but also it's slower than the web version, reason is unknown but still plays the game anyway just for the plot and fun combat mechanics.

10/10 gg - nerd

EDIT: Response to Matt, I used the highest settings on both versions to see comparison only, also thanks for responding and I apologize if I worry you or something like that, on The Steam version I'm only until medium anti-aliasing.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Are you sure you've got the exact same settings on the Deluxe version? It should run more or less the same unless you're playing on a higher resolution.