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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 5"

I had the steam version, I'm glad this entry is out for everyone, really a solid title and well worth all the hours you sink into it.

Rating 5/5 because I've already played a ton on my Steam copy. If you're on the fence about buying it, it's more than worth it!

As always this series is magical and one that I love. The game really is brilliantly designed for fun and has a very enjoyable story. The game has a lot of interesting ideas and strategies that you can use, and manages to allow different tactics to work inn different situations without making them too overpowered at all times. Try some of those strange status effects out too, they can be as great as simply kicking ass with elemental weaknesses in big battles too. It's certainly a complete game, though you can get more content as well if you so choose. I will say, that the game really is fantastically designed, especially the final boss, who really put the epic in epic battle fantasy. Even how I found myself needing to beat him seemed to be so fitting thematically to the situation to avoid spoilers on the epic difficulty, and there are lots of REALLY great secrets in this world if you look for them. Don't be afraid to revisit old places. might find something really neat! The music is really good as well, and I'd say the ice level probably has my favorite music of the bunch in particular, though all the music is good. The characters are as refreshing as they always have been, with plenty of lighthearted humor and even a bit of fourth wall breaking, which actually seemed to help endear the player to the characters a bit more. As always the series blew me away, and I hope this team find all the success they deserve. Keep up the great work guys and gals!

10/10 spooked me real good with the 5th secret room.