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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 5"

"here we are... at the turning of the age..." Me: "aww shit, here we go again.."

At first, I thought this would take place in like a normal world. I'm glad it wasn't like the beginning. I remember the collab I saw here earlier this year. It's just amazing how you escalate everything in these games. There's an amazing amount of detail put into everything. The graphics are as amazing as ever.

I even feel for these characters ever. I feel bad for never having ever beaten one of these games. Well, I love how it just goes on and on. I bet it did take three years to make. The enemies are always so creative. I'm glad you're still around.


The MEOW files work here!

EDIT: The medal resending works! But I think it only worked when done in-game and not from the title screen.

My only gripe about the game is that it doesn't follow the linear plotline of the previous 4. It was interesting to see that eliminating MP actually worked and prevented excessive move spamming. Also the game is polished so well, there appears to be absolutely no way to get to any area out of order, period.

matt-likes-swords responds:

You can click on medals to re-send them to Newgrounds!
So you definitely can get them all right away with a completed save file.

Love the game, sadly some of the medals on New grounds aren't popping for me. Determination, Golden God, Secret World, probably a few others. I'm not sure where to kill the hydras either. Can they be fought again? Because I was switching between easy and epic mode in order to quickly get all the medals and hopefully did not permanently miss one of them.

matt-likes-swords responds:

You can click on medals to re-send them to Newgrounds.
But some boss medals are missable, yes.

Buying it on steam to support your creativity liked the series so far trying this one today. Thank you for your hard work.