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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 5"

Hell yes. These games are some of my most favorite on Newgrounds.

I bought on steam when it launched, I hope players of the newer generation find there way to new grounds and revel in probably now what is one of thee best RPGS on the whole site and possibly most fleshed out games here. The capturing system is great, the humor is on point, and the game is like the FF6 of new grounds.

Ive bought and finished the steam versions of EBF 4 and 5 and have finished 3 before on newgrounds and completed it again on steam before playing 4 and 5.

Note: I finished EBF 5 on Normal, with all optional dungeons completed and gotten almost all non-epic difficulty achievments, i have approx 60 hours on the game.

The combat feels much better with cooldown on moves instead of the MP system, first of all it gives players more reason to play Lance since in 4 he was just an inferior spell caster when compared to Natalie and has a lower healthpool than Matt and does less physical damage youd only play him under very specific circumstances. In 5 all of his spells are far more powerful but suffer great cooldowns so i guess hes still somewhat situational but has good burst damage.
Another reason is no more carrying MP potions abd wasting turns because Matt ran out of MP during a bossfight.
Story wise there isnt much, i think the Story on EBF 4 was done a lot better but i came solely for the prepubescent humor so its whatever.
Huge variety of weapons, clothing and charms to customize your characters that work really well with the elemental system.
Which brings me straight to that elemental system itself, its well crafted and if you wanna beat the game on any difficulty other than "zero" and easy then you have to learn how elements, buffs and debuffs work and correctly utilize status effects.
Theres no real grind needed to beat the game and many fights are avoidable but i just had to go to every single chest i saw, i was literally drooling at the idea of getting a new Natalie outfit in one of those...
Map is very well done, many secrets and refferences, theres backtracking but that never hurt me, quite the opposite,many shortcuts open up making traversal fast and i wanted to see if anything changed in the previous areas as i got further on the main game.
Phyrnna did great on the OST, as in the previous games, its not something id listen to in my free time but booting the game and hearing is always nice.

My only complaints are bosses feel way too dragged with massive healthbars even on normal mode making the whole encounter feel like a chore once youve actually figured out the patterns. New Game+ doesnt offer much either, enemies didnt level scale and dialogue stays the same i think. didnt bother playing NG+ anymore after the 1st boss.

i know im forgetting something but cant be bothered right now just know that the game is really good.

yes. Just yes.

I have been having an absolutely fun time playing this game. Beautiful soundtrack, fun story, great RPG game. :D

The only issue I seem to be running into so far is that sometimes after a battle ends, the game forcefully switches you over to mouse mode and does not seem to give an option for going back to keyboard mode. I know mouse mode is meant to make things easier and so people can click on where to go next but I've come to enjoy the series with a keyboard setting, sorry if that seems a little whiny. :(