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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 5"

the 11 years of fun and joy that matt give us!!

Buyed the game after playing 10 hours here to support you ^_^
i remember when the first game came out here dam it was good :3

love this game series and its been around since i was really wanna say thanks for making a great game series and i hope this will still be playable for awhile and that you find a way to make this last past the fall of flash

I don't give five stars to a game unless it's as good as EBF3. Of course, this is better than EBF3, but top tier is top tier. I do appreciate all the banter in the game, and the references to other games or culture war memes. I did not find the secret soundboard. Will play again.

My god, this brings so many memories.

I still remember the day I played the second part. And I even couldn't finish the game because my computer barely had the specs to run the animation battle properly without reducing the quality of the graphics.

Not to mention I died several times and forgot to save the game after SO MUCH PROGRESS.
Right now, the game has changed so much. But the interest of playing It's still there.

I still love the game.