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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 5"

and to my favorites, i didn't even yet played the game yet i know this artist.

i hope you release some of these for consoles

great game, just an idea if you have time to make a 6th one, when Matt and the crew fought the final boss they suffered a massive confusion and forget who they each were.

great game as always. But its 5th time and matt still just meet nata, lance etc. I know its hard to write new story, but maybe u should rewrite it for next game if u will have enough time, duh.

Well I haven't finished it yet, but I feel that I'm starting to make some progress. It's really fun, something that I may purchase the full version of some day for sure. I also realize that I haven't played through number 4 so after this one I'm going to have several more weeks of gaming to go!

I should have switched the game to epic mode before I started playing because I'm going to miss out on some medals because of that. There's not a way to go back without playing the entire game again on epic just to try and get those medals is there? If not, I'll most likely just go for everything besides those medals.

I seriously should have taken time off of work for this. :P I've had to limit myself to 2 hours a day playing when I should be doing work...

matt-likes-swords responds:

You can re-fight bosses in the full version, so moving your save file to that is also an option!