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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 5"

Wild to see this game on here. Been a fan of the series since 3 was new, and man EBF has been fun and inspiring. Hell yeah.

the victory music is a final fantasy.nes remix, im the gamaster

I already have the game on Steam. But since it's out on Newgrounds I'm gonna play it for the glory!

Just here to drop a review for the Newgrounds version. I currently have almost 200 hours on the Steam version, and this one is only missing the deluxe dungeons. I can recommend this game to basically anyone who likes RPGs and some who don't, and it's just good fun to run through it to re-live the older entries for long-time fans. Personally, I've been around since EBF3 was in development, so I can vouch for the staying power of the series.

Great gameplay, intuitive UI, interesting storyline, hilarious dialogues, great character design and growth, challenging achivements/medals, awesome soundtrack, and not to mention all the memes/references!

Really appreciate that you're taking what is already a successful formula (from your previous EBF games) and continuing to improve upon it!