Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 5"

I wanna befriend snowflake! (kills him) NOOOOOOOOOOO

Game Of The Year: Best Game Ever In 2020

after spending a lot of time on this game. i can finally play it on newgrounds

Whats up with the guys in the hope harbour basement speaking morse?

Guy 1: Pizzagate is real.

Guy 2: I am error.

Guy 3: Welcome to die.

Guy 4: How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?

What does this mean? Im really confused.

But the game is gud i guess. Its fun to play when im bored.

The last hurrah before Flash gets outlawed. Never really played this series before but can absolutely see why it's so well regarded Flash circles. It's all the best parts of JRPGs rolled into one: awesome combat, cool music, intense boss fights.