Reviews for "Britney dress up doll"

This is a personal favorite of mine.

I wish it were a real britney.

good for masturbating!

I loved that! I wish i could really undress Britney in real life!

what a thrill ride!

how excellent! it's awesome to be able to take off britney's clothes without her saying no or me getting arrested or beat up. Her naked body is hot...and it was refreshing to see her pubic hair! i was surprised to learn she did have pubic hair! what a turn on! anyhow, you got to add more outfits, more bras and panties, and more semi-transparent clothes. Then it will be perfect. Oh yeah and you should add a little tiny bit of belly button hair, because Britney does have it and it would make it more realistic. Masturbaterrific! I recommend it with my one hand. perhaps you should add a dildo so we can pretend to insert ourselves in her young cootch.

Hmmm prepare for a jack off not to be forgotten!

What every teenage boy or lesbian have dreamed of although her head is a bit suspect on that body! i could of give it 10 but after a few times playing wit yourself it loses touch (forgive me) antway britney never looked better well that could be up to you...

I agree nice body job

it was cool but could have been better!